Dr. Redouane Aherrahrou


Postdoctoral fellow, University of Virginia University, Charlottesville, USA


Defense of PhD thesis


EMBL Advanced Course: Development of Transgenic Animal Models Using Zinc Finger Nucleases (Heidelberg Germany)


Doctoral thesis (Department of Medicine II, University of Lübeck, Luebeck / Institute of Integrative and Experimental Genomics, section Experimental Genomics, University of Lübeck, Lübeck, Germany); Title: Function analysis of CAD/MI risk genes using in-vitro and in-vivo analysis / Molecular analysis and characterization of the promoter activity of the gene LH-beta


Graduate School in biology of sciences (University of Sciences, Meknes, Morocco)


Training at Eppendorf: Generation of transgenic mice: Genetic manipulation technics (Heidelberg Germany)

2007- 2010

Master Degree in Engineering and biotechnology of microorganisms; supervised by Prof. J. Erdmann (Department of Medicine II, Cardiology (University of Luebeck) and Prof. M. Moumni (University of Sciences, Meknes, Morocco): Generation of Knockout mESC for Phactr1, a risk gene for CAD/MI

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