Krishan Kumar Vishnolia, PhD


Postdoctoral scientist at the Institute for Cardiogenetics. Establishment of a zebrafish platform to study atherosclerosis and blood flow parameters.


Doctoral thesis at the University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.
Topic: “Development and characterization of a 3 dimensional culture models for zebrafish skeletal muscle cells“, supervised by Prof. Dr. Mark Lewis and Dr. Emma Spikings.


Master of Science, Biotechnology, University of Bedfordshire.
Thesis: “Effect of methanol and chilling on expression of mitochondrial DNA replication factors and mitochondrial DNA replication in zebrafish embryos”, LIRANS institute, University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, supervised by Dr. Emma Spikings.


Bachelor of Science, Molecular Life Science, University of Lübeck.
Thesis: “Standardization of PCR-RFLP methodology for detection of genetic polymorphisms in xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes“ , Singhnia University, India.

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