A Look Back at the 10-Year Anniversary Event of the Institute for Cardiogenetics

On May 5 and 6, 2023, the Institute for Cardiogenetics (ICG) celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a special event held at the University of Lübeck [1]. The two-day event took place at the CBBM and BMF Building in Marie-Curie-Straße, 23562 Lübeck [3].

The 10-year anniversary event was a momentous occasion, looking back at the progress made in cardiovascular research over the past decade and discussing the future of the field. Attendees had the opportunity to listen to various speakers, engage in discussions, and network with fellow professionals and researchers.

Some highlights of the event included presentations by renowned experts in the field of cardiogenetics, panel discussions on the latest developments and research findings, and a showcase of the institute’s achievements over the past ten years.

We got quite positive feedback that the event was well-organized and attended by a diverse group of professionals, academics, and students in the field of cardiogenetics. The atmosphere was one of collaboration and a shared passion for advancing cardiovascular research.

All in all, we feel that the 10-year anniversary event of the Institute for Cardiogenetics was a resounding success. It provided a platform for professionals and researchers in the field to come together, share their knowledge, and discuss the future of cardiogenetics. We did not only celebrate the past achievements of the institute but also set the stage for further advancements in cardiovascular research.

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